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Drab to Fab Bar Stools

Sunday, June 8, 2014


 You don't need a lot to accomplish this but some time and maybe a helper.

 Total Cost: $23.00

 What you will need:
2-3 yards fabric of your choice
Heavy Duty staple gun (with lots of staples)
Power Drill or Screwdriver (depending on how stubborn your screws are)

Spray Paint 
helper (recommended)

What a better way to celebrate a Sunday-Funday than with a little DIY! I found these bar stools in my dads backyard when we were doing a little..(a LOT)...of spring cleaning this year. He told me to just throw them away, but NO WAY I saw potential in these ratty little things. I was on a mission!! Since I already had a staple gun, scissors, & a drill all I still needed was my fabric and some more heavy duty staples (only $2.99 at Target) . I basically had no idea what I was doing so I just kinda winged it. I choose my chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby (love that place) and got 2 yards of fabric just barley enough for these stools so you may need a little more! When I got Home I unscrewed all the cushions, took my new fabric and staple gun and went to work! Be sure to measure out the fabric for each section and pull fabric tight but not too tight (you don't want it to rip when you sit on it..how embarrassing hahah) and remember where the holes are...this will be important when you go to put everything back together! If you decide to spray paint the base to give it a newer look be sure to do so before you put your new FAB cushions back on.

I am already obsessed with bar stools in general so I was pretty excited to have my own creation in my own house! Do you have any DIY creations you would like to see me do or have you done any that you would like to share with me? Just comment below(:

REMEMBER: This is your project, have fun with it and don't stress if it isn't looking a certain way. It's the imperfections that make it something totally unique!

Happy Sunday-Funday!

xoxo, priss

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