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DIY: I ♥ Texas Decor

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Step 1: cut out your outline of Texas {or state of your choice}

Step 2:On the back of the glitter paper trace the state backwards onto the paper...
flip over the state so when you are looking at it from the front {glitter side} it is positioned correctly

Step 3:  cut out a heart from the red sheet of scrapbook paper and place it in the area in which you live {I live in DFW so that is where I placed mine!} secure with tacky glue.

Step 4: Glue your state onto your burlap canvas and.....whalaa!

What you will need:
12 x 12 burlap canvas {$4.98}
1 sheet of glitter scrapbook paper {$1.19}
1 sheet of red scrapbook paper {$.49}
outline of Texas {outline here}
tacky glue {$.69}
pen or pencil 

Total cost about $8.00

YAY, It's  DIY Sunday again! I am gearing up for the big move next week with tons of new decor! Trying to make your house cute on a budget is hard though! So, I decided to make some of the cute decor items I've seen at the stores myself {because I am a woman and I can do that}. This glitter Texas decor is seriously so easy to make and only requires a few low cost items { more $$$ in your pocket..woohoo}. Keeping it fab while representing your home state doesn't get much better than this!



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