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DIY: TEE to Tank

Sunday, July 13, 2014

All you need:
old t-shirt & scissors 

This DIY project is so easy and only takes a few minutes!

Step 1: cut the bottom of the shirt just above the seam all the way across...
(keep that piece, we will be using it later)
Step 2: cut the neck seam...
Step 3: cut the sleeves off (be sure to make these even)...&
cut each down about an inch past the armpit seam
Step 4:  Now just cutting the back side of the shirt, cut each side deeper to make a "razor back" look...
Step 5: Take the bottom piece from step 1 and cut it to where it is just one long piece...
Step 6: Take that long piece and tie it in a knot with one end at the top of the back of the "razor back" {whew that was wordy..sorry}
Step 7: wrap the fabric all the way down to the bottom of the "razor back" {be sure to make it tight}...
Step 8: Tie the fabric string at the bottom to secure this step...
Ta-da, you did it!
Optional: you can cut a "V" in the front to make it a little more comfy
{ Photo Cred: Kristen Watson }

Mean Green All In!
Going to do this to SO many of my old tee's. Perfect for workouts or over your swim suits this summer.

xoxo, priss

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