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Oreo Cake Balls

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Want a yummy way to start off the week? 
All you need to do is gather these three ingredients..... 

12 oz Cream Cheese Spread
1 Package of Oreo's
1 Package of Almond Bark {vanilla or chocolate}

Step 1: crush entire package of oreo's into small pieces
{I did this by putting a few at a time into plastic baggies and crushing them with my hands}
 Step 2:  Mix Oreo's with softened cream cheese. You can use a spoon but it mixes better if you get your hand's in there! { a little Oreo never hurt anyone}
Step 3: make the mixture into small ball shapes and put in the freezer for 15 mins {or until hard}

Step 4: Melt almond bark as directed in the microwave and dip each ball into it until it is completely covered
Step 5: Place the covered balls back into the freezer for another 15 mins


You have just made some of the most yummy treats EVER! Now...I can't promise these will help you keep that summer body in line but we all need a cheat day every now and again right? Make them for a potluck or just for dessert and I can assure you there won't be any leftovers.

Have a Tasty Tuesday!

xoxo, priss

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