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DIY: Tiered Jewelry Stand

Sunday, August 17, 2014

What you will need:
Three plates ( small, medium and large)
Two candle stick holders
Hot glue gun

It is super easy & only cost me a whole $4.00 {do I ever have anything too hard or expensive?}

All there is to do is take your hot glue gun and glue the tops and bottoms of each candle holder in between your plates. Be sure that they are in the exact middle so your stand is even.

Once you have them in place I would go around each holder once more with glue to secure them even more.

It is just that easy!

With school about to start up that means moving for a lot of people{like me}. I don't know about you but when I move into a new place I like to redecorate my whole room!{am I alone?} Since Colton& I just moved in together, this time redecorating was a must! I had to say bye-bye to all my bright colors and try something a little more neutral that we could both agree on. We decided on neutrals {white & gold mostly}. Now, this doesn't mean I gave up being girly by any means. I have made my fair share of shopping trips these last few weeks and my wallet is feeling the damage. The reason I love this tiered jewelry stand so much is because it adds a feminine touch while being super inexpensive.

I was thinking about doing a room tour once I am a 100% happy with our new room. 
So, keep on the look out for that(:

Happy lazy Sunday from me to you ♥

xoxo, priss

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