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Living with a man & DIY ideas for HIM

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Okay Ladies, I know from recent personal experience that trying to compromise on home decor is hard to do with a man. Especially if you live with one that has endless deer heads, snake skins, and guns..{oh my!} But don't worry because there are some great ways to keep your house looking just the way you like! Here is what I did....

1. Let him have the garage for his "MAN CAVE"...you would probably just put junk in it anyways!
2. Try to incorporate some of his favorite key treasure (within reason) into your decor
3.Make him something that he will love and will want to hangup!
**making him feel like he has cool stuff too**

Here is one way I did #3
(pictured above)

All you need:
Shadow Box
Beer bottle caps

Fill the shadow box with his favorite beer cap and write with sharpie one of his favorite sayings
Colton really loves "the Chive" and their saying is "Keep Calm and Chive On"
I took this and incorporated it with this decor and he LOVED it!

So simple and a Great compromise!

Here is a great way to do #2

Deer antlers are surprisingly becoming very popular in home decor, so I decided to run with the idea. Since our room theme is white and gold *I asked* (very important) Colton if I could paint the wall mount that one of his deer heads was on gold and we could hang it in our room! He loved the idea and that I wanted to hang something of his up in our room and I loved the way it turned out!

Also, A GREAT compromise.

Remember that compromise is key in any relationship and sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact!

I hope you have a lovely day!

xoxo, priss

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