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DIY: fringe scarf

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Compared to this Scarve from polyvore for $29

       I LOVE this DIY because it literally only takes a few minutes and then  you have an awesome statement piece for winter...THAT YOU MADE YOURSELF! HELLO, can't get much better than that. I came up with this idea when I was online shopping..(guilty pleasure)..& I stumbled across the polyvore fringe scarf shown above. However, it was $29 and ain't nobody got time for that! SO, I looked at it and was like hello priss you can totally make that yourself...so naturally...I did(:

You will need:
( I bought a 3XL, so I could wrap it around twice) 

STEP ONE: Cut both sides directly under the arm pits of the shirt

(this is what it should look like after step one is complete)

STEP THREE: Cut 1 inch vertical rows from the bottom of the shirt leaving about 3 inches at the top. After all of your rows are cut you can randomly tie braids throughout the fringe to create a unique touch. But, that's up to you!

& after you will have a cute scarf for this winter time, just like this one(:

Hope this was a pretty good explanation you still need help just comment below! Also, if you decided to do this little project post a pic on your insta and hashtag #missprissfringe.

Happy DIY Sunday!!

xoxo, priss

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