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First Last Day of School

Monday, August 24, 2015

Shirt: Savvy // Skirt: LOFT // Sandals: Ross {similar here}// 
Earrings: Earthbound {sold out but these are pretty close}

Wow! Where has the time gone?? I can not believe that today I started my Senior year of college. When they tell you that time fly's, man they really do mean it! I am so incredibly excited for all of the new opportunities and adventures that this next academic year will hold. However, I think the hard part about growing up to not overwhelm yourself. Life comes at you fast but it is all about how you handle the different situations and people that step into your life..even if it is brief. The important thing to remember is to be confident in the person that you are and know that you are worth anything you set your mind too.

 This is something I am really going to remind myself of this year. This is the time where things get REAL, and big life decisions are made. This time next year I will hopefully have my degree in Converged Broadcast Media and will have my dream job. But first lets see where today takes me and go from there because the future comes one day at a time♥

Hope you had a great first day of school and a happy Monday!!

xoxo, priss

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