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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

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Well graduation is right around the corner and I can not believe how fast these past four years just FEW BY! When they say that you need to savor every single moment in college they really do mean it. It goes by faster than you would ever think. I would have to say I've had one INCREDIBLE college experience and can not wait for what is to come. However, with that comes a lot of new responsibilities and changes that can be very overwhelming. I am one of those people that want to flow into my next dream job effortlessly (I am not alone, I sure), but it is hard to come to the realization that may not happen the way you hope. I am so excited for whatever the future holds but the hardest part to me is the unknown.

This is why I created this graduation check list, so I could help you with just a few of the things you should do when your getting ready for graduation. Check it out and let me know what you think 


1.APPLY FOR GRADUATION--Did you just think that you finished your classes and walked across the stage...NOPE! You have to actually apply for graduation so they that your registrars office can double check that you are all good to go! This is important, but don't worry because you will probably get 734739478 e-mails about doing it.

2.PICK UP YOUR CAP AND GOWN--They will NOT just send this to you.You need to order and pick up your cap and gown. My campus had a pop-up shop in our bookstore that sold them but every campus is different. Keep a look out for e-mails is my best advice!

3.TAKE YOUR GRADUATION PICTURES-- Now this is not necessary but something that you may seriously regret if you do not do. Take some time to capture some really great pictures that you can send out to all of your friends/family in your graduation announcements. TIP: you don't have to spend a lot or any money on these...if you can grab a friend that knows a little something about a camera, get them to take them for you in exchange for dinner (this is what I did & I LOVE mine!) Try and give yourself a month before graduation so you are not stressing!

4.ORDER GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS-- You have some options with this one! You can either order the classic graduation announcements that look super official OR you can order customs announcements if you would like to show off your creative side! Since I am in a creative field I decided to go with the second option. I ordered mine through vistaprint and they turned out SO CUTE! I actually ordered party invitations and commencement invites all in the same order and got 20% off my entire order with promo code: ENJOY20 and you can TOO!!
5.SEND OUT YOUR GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS-- Now that you have your announcements in, you have to send them out to all of your friends and family. It is best to make a list so you do not forget anyone!

6.DECORATE YOUR GRAD CAP-- This is another step that is completely optional but so much fun! You can decorate your cap with your favorite quotes, sayings or memories from these past four years! My best advice for this is to use scrapbook paper to decorate the square that makes up the top of your cap. This allows you to start over and have more control, so you don't accidentally mess up your cap before the big day. This is how I decorated mine(:
7.PLAN YOUR GRADUATION CELEBRATION--Okay now you finally did it, it is time to party! Plan your celebration with all of the little details in mind. Pick your location ahead of time because the good places fill up quick! You can also pick a theme to tie it all together! I am going with a white, gold and floral theme  p.s. there are SO many cute ideas on pintrest that could keep your scrolling for HOURS!!

8.PERFECT YOUR RESUME-- This is a work in progress and a living document that you should be perfecting all the time. Before you move on to this next step and transitioning straight into adulthood, make sure your resume is near PERFECT! You can do this by getting as many eyes as possible to check out what you have put together. You have worked so hard and want to put your BEST foot forward.

9.APPLY TO JOBS-- This is what you have been working towards the whole time! Start applying for jobs so you can start making that $$$$ and doing what you love every day. Remember that you have to start somewhere and just because you didn't get your dream job right off the bat, doesn't mean that it will never happen. Everything happens for a reason (:

10.LET YOUR LANDLORD KNOW YOU ARE MOVING-- This is something that is so easy to forget about with everything else you have going on, but so important if you don't want to pay some crazy fees. Often a landlord will want a 60 day notice that you will not be renewing your lease.

Thanks for continuing to explore life with me!
There are many more adventures to come and I can't wait to do it with you ♥

XOXO, priss
♥stay connected♥

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  1. Absolutely wonderful blog! You are a very organized young lady! Congratulations and I wish you the best of everything in life! God bless you. I have been your Mom's friend since first grade! You are blessed to have her!

    1. Thank you so much Cindy! I am very lucky to have her, and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog!(: