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Texas Road Trip Bucket List

Saturday, April 9, 2016

(^San Antonio River Walk^)
Okay so summer is a little closer than you think and it is time to start planning your road trip to ATX and San Antonio! Being from Dallas, this is a trip that I love to take and try to take as much as possible! There is seriously SO much to do in both of these awesome cities, but the fun thing about road tripping is that you get to stop and smell the roses along the way. These are some of my favorite spots that are sure to not let you down...

1. Czech Stop-West, TX
If you have never heard of this little bakery in the middle of no where Texas, it is number one on this list for a reason. They have the best baked goodies in the WORLD (okay maybe not, but close!). I recommend the sausage and cheese kolache or if your sweet tooth needs fixing go for the raspberry cream cheese kolache. Serious YUM!

2. Inner Space Caverns-Georgetown, TX
One of the coolest places ever. This is a travelers must! Just about 30 from Austin you should take the time to explore these natural inner space caverns. With it staying the same temperature all year round you never have to worry about the weather. It is right off of the highway and very hard to miss!

3. Kayak/Canoe on Lady Bird Lake- Austin, TX
Austin is known for its awesome culture and the people that comsume this amazing city. With so much to do in town sometimes you have to take some time to enjoy how pretty this city really is. You can find some awesome deals on groupon and seriously go at any point in the day. You can even take your canoe out under the congress avenue bridge and watch the bats fly out at night!

4. Brunch at Able on the Lake- Austin, TX
In our most recent trip down to Austin, my friends and I were in desperate need of an awesome brunch spot and this place definitely exceeded our expectations. There food and drinks were super killer and one of the BEST patios in town. You are drinking mimosas and bloody mary's literally on the water.

5. Dinner at Salt Lick Bar-B-Que- Austin, TX
If you haven't been here yet you have to put this on your to do list! This place is seriously massive and the food is top notch. If you came to Texas looking for some bar-b-que you found it here. If you are looking to go on the weekend though, be prepared for a pretty big wait. This is on the outskirts of Austin in Driftwood and is BYOB with live music on the weekends so even if there is a wait you can still make a night of it. (p.s. it is cash only so be prepared for that!!)

6. Austin Zoo- Austin,TX
If you are an animal lover this is the place for you! One of Colton and I's favorite spots every time we go to Austin. This zoo is a non-profit rescue zoo that aims at rescuing and rehabilitating animals that you get to hangout with! It is super cheap and a fun way to spend a few hours.

7. Zilker Park/ Barton Springs- Austin, TX
This is one of Austins hidden treasures. One of the pretties spots in the city to just hangout and enjoy nature. A lot of people have been uncovering this special spot so be sure to get there early.

8. Brewery/ Winery Tours- Austin, TX
Austin is home to several brewery, winery, and distilleries where you can learn all about the heart that goes into every bottle or glass. A simple google will point you in the right direction for your taste buds.

9. The 360 Bridge Hike- Austin, TX
If you don't have a lot of time or hiking isn't really your thing but you still want to see an awesome view of the city, this is the hike for you! In less than five minutes you can get this beautiful view and some possible time alone. I do this every time I go to Austin!

10. Hope Outdoor Gallery- Austin, TX
This spot really adds to the Austin culture. It is one of the largest outdoor art galleries and is created by people just like you. If you think you have some creative itch then get a few cans of spray paint and let your artist flourish! Don't worry if that isn't you--there is PLENTY to look at!

11. Float the River- San Marcos, TX
Now that you are completely worn out from your time in Austin, it is time to have some relaxing time! You have to stop and float the river in San Marcos. This is always such a great time and an awesome way to stay cool in the summer. If you are taking your road trip any other time though you may want to skip this stop--too cold!!

12. San Marcos Outlet Mall- San Marcos, TX
If you are an addicted shopper like me, you will most definitely find your way over to the San Marcos outlet mall on your way to San Antonio. They have over 100 stores for what ever you may be looking for! 

13. San Antonio River Walk- San Antonio, TX
One of the most iconic spots to Texas is the San Antonio river walk! This should be on anyone's bucket list that is making this road trip. With tons of restaurants and bars you will never leave with an empty stomach. Keep in mind that in the summer it gets really humid so dress accordingly! Also, if you are in the mood for a 60oz margarita go to Lone Star restaurant...you will not be disappointed!

14. Dinner at Rosarios- San Antonio, TX
 San Antonio has some of the best Mexican food ever! One of my all time favorite items that I always crave when I head down south is the oh so glorious, puffy taco! The menu here is very diverse and anything you get is usually AMAZING! They have awesome portion sizes so you don't feel like you just ate super greasy Mexican food. If you are looking for some good food, check this place out!

XOXO, priss
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