Meet Ashley Fultz from The Style Editrix

Ashley Fultz is a former E! producer turned full-time blogger, sharing the best fashion and beauty advice with her over 60K followers. She is a seasoned TV style expert, mommy influencer, lifestyle blogger and all around #bossbabe sharing her story of success and tips to help you do the same in this episode of Boss Babes The Series.

I met Ashley when I first started working at Extra full time as an Executive Assistant. I was attending an event she was speaking at and immediately knew I had to get to know this girl. Her experience in the entertainment world started out almost identically to mine. She was a small town girl with big dreams of moving to LA to pursue her dream of working at E! News. She started out as an intern (like me) and transitioned into an executive assistant (like me) with the desire to do bigger and better things (like me). When she realized her skills weren't being used to their fullest abilities she took the huge risk of leaving what everyone else would call a dream job to chase after her passion of being a host and authentic fashion influencer. That was just over four years ago and so many incredible things have changed for this powerhouse babe since then.

When I asked her to sit down with me for my series she immediately said yes - true definition of babes supporting babes! She has so amazing take aways that really work and have a proven track record of success. I know her tips will help you as much as they continue to guide me.

Don't forget to check out Ashley's amazing blog ( and follow her on Instagram @thestyleeditrix.

I can't wait to keep sharing more of these incredible women and highlighting the amazing work we continue to do on a daily basis.


XX, Priscilla