Navigating Friendship in LA

If I have learned anything growing up it’s that you can accomplish nothing on your own. We all need some sort of support system backing us - telling us the honest truth and drinking wine all at the same time! Girl friends are some of the most important people that every woman should cherish and never let go. I have been lucky enough to have some of the best girlfriends a girl could ever hope for since before I can remember. However, in the same breath I have learned that not everyone wants to be your friend, some people want to be your friend for the wrong reason and some people are just your friend out of convenience. The process of finding your tribe can be one of the most difficult and emotionally draining parts of life, but when you find that perfect combination of babes be sure to never let them go.

I remember when I first moved to LA I was completely lost on how to find friends like the ones I had back home. I moved here not knowing anyone, into an apartment with a someone that I had only emailed back and fourth a couple of times and thousands of miles aways from home. I had no idea if anyone would like me and if anyone would even want to be my friend. I was confident that I could make friends but was always told about how cut-throat Los Angeles could be, so I was on the immediate defense. For a girl that had the same best friends since diapers (literally), this was a huge change!! I remember the day I dropped my dad off at the airport to go back "home" after helping me get settled in and feeling so alone. I had no idea if I had what it took to be successful in this city but I knew I was damn sure going to give it my best. I was super lucky because I was part of an amazing internship program with 49 other college students from across the country in the same situation that I was in. I was able to start building my tribe of amazing women from there, became best friends with my roommate (the one I didn't know before moving in) and went to every event I was invited to - meeting so many incredible people along the way. I learned to never listen to anyone with negative views on life, friendship and work and to only surround myself with people that looked at life the same way I did. I surrounded myself with women (and some men) that were fierce, motivated and passionate about life and weren't afraid of a good happy hour :)


Fast forward to now: Now I have the most incredible group of women who empower me to be a better person everyday. They encourage me to keep fighting for better and force me to get out of my comfort zone. I feel so lucky to be apart of their lives and learn from them every day. The cool part is that now I actually have a job at Bumble where I get to bring people together to craft their perfect gang of fierce, motivated and passionate babes too (me "working" in the picture above)! It is seriously a dream. The best advice I always give to people trying to navigate finding their tribe is to support other / feel supported and always be willing to grow. I cannot count the number of friendships I have made by just getting out of my comfort zone and saying hello. Every single person has something to offer, so be sure to build your tribe as diverse as possible. The more points of view you have in life, the better.

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XX, Priscilla