Meet Tanya Rivas from PR With Heart


Tanya Rivas has worked as a publicity consultant, media strategist, Instagram engagement specialist, events expert, and even founded the publicity practice, PR with Heart™. She is a total #bossbabe, one of the sweetest gals in the game and one of my very good friends. When I first started 'Boss Babes The Series' I knew she would HAVE to be involved. She is a positive force of nature, all about the good stuff in life and on a mission to make the world a better place.

With an insanely successful track record of working on award-winning campaigns with top-notch teams, she knows a thing or two about the world of PR. She has supported clients in a wide range of industries, including large-scale events such as:

Comic-Con International
SuperGirl Pro
Catalina Film Festival
New York Fashion Week
Miami Swim Week
Runway shows in Southern California at the California Mart, Pool Trade Show, HD Buttercup, The Standard Hotel, Broadway Pier, Harrah’s Resort Southern California, Hard Rock Hotel, W Hotel
and McDonald’s in Southern California.

She continues to be invited to speak about publicity at events and provides career advice to aspiring publicists on what it’s really like to work at fashion week. She has even contributed to articles on PR Couture about public relations topics (#5 Global PR Blog, Top 50 PR Brands).


When not helping her clients she enjoys the little things in life. You can often catch her on her yoga mat, at a stand-up comedy show or wearing a cute jumpsuit that is bound to complicate a bathroom run.

Boss Babes, this is a girl that you can trust with your amazing idea!

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XX, Priscilla