Learning to be more patient in my 20’s

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Hey guys! Hope that you are having a wonderful week. Today I really wanted to dig deep into the one of the words that I struggle with but am actively trying to live life by - Patience! Have you heard of it? I mean if you know me, you know that I am probably one of the least patient people in the whole world (thanks, dad)!! However, I thought it was important to talk about the significance of it and how it can change your life for the better - helping you to be happy in whatever moment in life you are in (without forgetting where you want to be)!

I write this post today in a kinda therapeutic way. I write this in a way of self healing and hope that I can relate to some of you guys out there as well. I know that I am not alone when I talk about post grad depression. It is a real thing people!! Luckily - I am making my way out of it!! I think that college is a huge tease for what the "real world" is like. During college you get swept up in a wide variety of events/classes/work/social life that are literally put right in front of your face to keep you busy constantly. You are constantly told to think about your future and about the job that you should be looking for AT LEAST six months before your graduation. The amount that is expected out of us in these four crazy years is pretty insane. We are expected to BE professionals but get a reality check when we are not getting to BE professionals right out of college (I am getting to a point here - I promise!) Take this definition in for a second...


I think that the word "tolerate" is what really gets to me in this definition. I never wanted to be one to "tolerate" something - I want to see what I want and go at it full force until I achieve it! I don't want to "tolerate" something! I am a person that when I know what I want, I want it all NOW (can anyone else relate?!). Although, I think my attitude hasn't changed, my knowledge and respect for timing has grown! Believe me, I still have my days where I feel totally defeated and like everyone around me is advancing at much faster rates than me, but I try to tell myself to be patient and trust in the timing. When I get myself to actually do this, I realize that I am so much more happy and at peace! BELIEVE ME, I (more than most) know that this is easier said than done. To be patient doesn't mean that you are "tolerating" or "putting up" with something - it means that you are trusting the timing that the universe has given you. 

Right now I find myself constantly contemplating where my journey should go next and struggling to find the answer easily. I know what I want, but find it difficult to achieve my next step with grace. This has been giving me a lot of frustration, but I know I have to depend on my patience to get me through. This doesn't mean I will lose sight of my goals or not work as hard to achieve them...it just means I will be patient and the timing will follow. I hope that if you are going through something like this, you will trust in the timing and be patient too!

Trust in your timing and happiness will follow!

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XOXO, Priscilla