The Story of How I Met Colton


My boyfriend, best friend, secret keeper, wine pourer, travel buddy, comfort zone, grill master & my rock. Colton is someone who has been by my side through some of the absolute best and worst times of my life. He is everything I could ever hope for in a partner and to think it all started with me saying “I’m gonna marry that man some day”. 

Our “Love” story:

It all started on the first day of our college orientation freshman year of college. We both were in the same orientation group, which were small with only about 20-25 people per group. I remember seeing him and immediately knowing that I had to meet him. We all know I am a person that is not shy to do something like this. I walked straight up to him and murmured something about his tattoo just to get the conversation started. Let’s just say that was a good start. From there we were inseparable for the remainder of orientation. I even told my girlfriend, “I am going to marry that man” and met his MOM!!


Now we didn’t immediately start dating but did stay friends for the first year of school. I think this was such a blessing and what we needed to build a strong relationship. The summer after our freshman year he invited me to go to visit his hometown with him for the weekend. He is from a very small east Texas town and I am from the city so I was eager to see how he grew up (plus a summer weekend hanging out with a cute boy is a plus)!! The first night he gave me the grand 15 minute tour of his town, his mom cooked us a good ol’ southern dinner and Colton made a beautiful bonfire outside (part of his master plan)accompanied with a full bottle of Malibu rum....(cheers to that)


That night we kissed and the rest is history. Almost five years later we live in sunny California with our two dogs and more in love everyday. I gotta say that I really feel like I hit the jackpot with him! 

So here is to a day full of love and reminding those around you how much they mean to you!