Meet Kinya Claiborne From Style and Society


When I first started thinking of launching my new series, Boss Babes, I knew that I had to get Kinya involved. She is such a dynamic force and everything you think of when you think of a boss babe. This is an episode that you can't afford to miss if you are an aspiring entertainment media entrepreneur.

Kinya is the founder and editor-in-chief of STYLE & SOCIETY Magazine. A style influencer, TV host, entrepreneur and fashion expert with a major passion for all things communications-driven, she launched the Los Angeles-based online publication as a platform to share the best of entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, travel, food and red carpet events globally.

Kinya is also co-executive producer and TV host of “The StyleList,” a TV series delivering the latest fashion, trends, travel and pop culture in a fast-paced and entertaining format on ONX, an online platform featuring the best in video content for the multicultural millennial. Both a tastemaker and award-winning content creator, she has traveled around the globe working with brands, hotels, and tourism boards on special events, editorial coverage and influencer programs.

A rising fashion icon, Kinya was nominated for the 2017 Los Angeles Business Journal Fashion Award in the Influencer / Trendsetter category for her work with STYLE & SOCIETY. The awards acknowledge the top apparel companies and individuals that drive tremendous economic growth in Los Angeles. Kinya also joined Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW) as a media partner for the spring/summer 2018 season, where she co-hosted the LAFW red carpet influencer kickoff event and the LAFW Opening Night Gala. Additionally, Kinya is an Influencer for StyleCon, an annual conference celebrating beauty and fashion.

A media maven with more than 15 years experience in working within all aspects of communications, Kinya began her career working within radio, TV news and print publications before transitioning into corporate communications, and later launching STYLE & SOCIETY in November 2013. Kinya earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications from California State University, Sacramento, and is a native Californian residing in Los Angeles.

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Let me know what you guys think about the new series below! A BIG thank you to The Orlando Hotel for hosting and believing in Boss Babes.

Thank you for all of your support :)

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Kindness | Words I Live By

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Hey guys! I decided to start a new series called ''Words I Live By", but let me start out by explaining what the heck this is. I feel that we (I) go through our day to day lives not realizing the energy that we are putting out into the world, ultimately shaping the perception of how other people view  us. While I do agree that we shouldn't base our lives on what other people think about us, I do think we should stop and think about how we can positively give off energy to affect how we feel about ourselves. This intern putting us in charge of how other people see us....not how they thinkwe are! This little series will highlight words each week that I try to live my life by. I am eager to hear what you guys think and connect!! Too deep? No worries, let's just dive right in!

Today I wanted to start with one of the number one words I try to live by everyday...KINDNESS! While this may seem kinda simple, let's take a moment and dig deeper....


This one simple word can do so many things. It can change someones day, save someones life and form relationships within seconds. It is truly an incredible thing! I think that kindness is really something that we all have inside of us and something that we can share with people every single day! With everything going on in the world today (it can get a little cray cray at times) each one of us [together] can take over the world. I hate for people to ever think that their words or actions are not valuable, because (WOAH) they really are! The fact that one single action can change someones life FOREVER is something that we should all be aware of. Take this for example: You know how you always remember the people who go out of their way to do something nice for you; (ie) asking how you are doing (and really meaning it), holding the door open for you, handwritten thank you card ? Okay, well...those are the people that are trying to live a life of kindness. Each day reflect on these people and slowing start to create your close inner circle. I like to surround myself with kind brainer right? Well, just like we are what we eat..(cough cough...doughnut, pizza, avocado..) we are who we surround ourselves with too. If you feel like KINDNESS is a way that you want to live your life, surround yourself with kind people and the rest will follow! it is just as simple as that. Do all things with kindness and the world will be yours!

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How do you live a life of kindness? Let me know and let's be friends(: 

XOXO, Priss 

Lancome Pore Minimiser Primer | Beauty Fav

This primer has been the yin to my yang. The peanut butter to my jelly. The flip to my flop. ( get it, i'm done)

But seriously...I want to start by saying this is NOT an ad at all - I just really love this product! This good stuff is a staple in my makeup routine and one I would never want to live without again. I have naturally oily skin, so it was a process trying to find a face primer that would actually help my foundation stay on all day without getting over powered by the oil on my face. I have yet to find any other product to do that quite like this one. That is a big reason why this baby landed on my beauty fav list! It gives you an instant pore-less look with only a tiny drop. Although it does range on the more expensive side ($38), it is totally worth every penny!

Buy Here: Lancome pore minimiser primer

What is your favorite face primer?

XO, Priscilla