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Priscilla began her career while still in school working on Red Bull North America's field marketing team and simultaneously interning with The Ryan Seacrest Foundation at Children's Hospital Dallas. She graduated from The University of North Texas with a bachelors in Converged Broadcast Media, certified television producer and a two time Lone Star Emmy winner. Before graduation she had already accepted an internship with The Television Academy Foundation in Los Angeles to work with the Emmy winning entertainment show, Extra. She then went on to work with Extra following her internship and continues to interview some of the biggest celebrities in the entertainment industry today for them. She has interviewed some of your favorite celebrities like Usher, Tiffany Haddish, Justin Hartley, Jamie Lee Curtis, Slash and shined the spotlight on some of the best celebrity trainers, foodies and tastemakers across the country.

In addition to her work at Extra, she is also currently serving as the Community Marketing Manger for Bumble Date, BumbleBff and BumbleBizz in Los Angeles. In this role she oversees events, partnerships and promotions for Bumble in LA. Priscilla loves her role with Bumble because she is able to connect with people all across the city and bring people together for a bigger purpose. Bumble is all about empowerment and that is exactly what Priscilla believes in.

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