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The Self-Love, Non-Negotiable Ritual That Can Change Your Life

Can I be honest? Adulting is hard - really fun, but not a walk in the park. I think it is funny to even consider yourself as such a thing as an "adult" - don't you? If I have learned anything about myself during this part of my life, it is to just ride the waves and enjoy what life has to offer. I have come to realize that although it is easy to get caught up in what we are supposed to be doing (drowning in a wave 3 ft under, gasping for air), that we lose sight in what we actually want (riding the surf).

The moment that you start living your life for you and not for what someone else believes that you should be - this is where your life will drastically change and you will be riding high on cloud nine and oozing with confidence in yourself.
I have always been a pretty confident person, but honestly there are some times that I felt like the least confident person in the world. I recently went through one of those moments and felt like I could not get out. I was feeling like I wasn't keeping up with what other people where expecting of me. I started to feel like there was nothing that I could do right because everything felt so wrong! I was relying on other people to make me feel confident and not even looking for it within myself. WRONG MOVE, Priscilla! After this most recent "episode" I think I came to a life changing moment. I realized the power of me. I am not even kidding when I say it was like a lightbulb just went off in my brain. I realized that the only person that is in a 100% control of my life is ME! I realized that only I am in control of the way things make me feel and only I am responsible for the situations that I am in. I realized that  I had to give myself back the control in my life, there was no other option. Once I did, I was immediately rewarded with the results (life changing). I had to dig deep and realized how awesome I truly am. Not in a cocky way or anything but in a way of self love. I ridded myself of any negative energy that came my way and started to only let positive energy into my life. It is so freeing and I truly feel as though I am glowing from the inside out.
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Sounds fantastic, right? Well I am here to tell you that you can feel this same way!! Yes, YOU! It is time to take back control from whoever holds control over you - whom ever that may be! It is time to take away the power that you have given them and collect it back for yourself. It is time to give yourself 100% - you deserve this! When you give yourself this power back you will have no other choice but to feel confident in every decision you make - I promise! Confident people, attract confident people and from there amazing things can happen.

There is nothing more powerful than believing in yourself. I mean, if you don't believe in yourself who else will?

XX, Priss

Meet Tanya Rivas from PR With Heart

Tanya Rivas has worked as a publicity consultant, media strategist, Instagram engagement specialist, events expert, and even founded the publicity practice, PR with Heart™. She is a total #bossbabe, one of the sweetest gals in the game and one of my very good friends. When I first started 'Boss Babes The Series' I knew she would HAVE to be involved. She is a positive force of nature, all about the good stuff in life and on a mission to make the world a better place.

With an insanely successful track record of working on award-winning campaigns with top-notch teams, she knows a thing or two about the world of PR. She has supported clients in a wide range of industries, including large-scale events such as:

Comic-Con International
SuperGirl Pro
Catalina Film Festival
New York Fashion Week
Miami Swim Week
Runway shows in Southern California at the California Mart, Pool Trade Show, HD Buttercup, The Standard Hotel, Broadway Pier, Harrah’s Resort Southern California, Hard Rock Hotel, W Hotel
and McDonald’s in Southern California.

She continues to be invited to speak about publicity at events and provides career advice to aspiring publicists on what it’s really like to work at fashion week. She has even contributed to articles on PR Couture about public relations topics (#5 Global PR Blog, Top 50 PR Brands).

When not helping her clients she enjoys the little things in life. You can often catch her on her yoga mat, at a stand-up comedy show or wearing a cute jumpsuit that is bound to complicate a bathroom run.

Boss Babes, this is a girl that you can trust with your amazing idea!

PR With Heart - www.prwithheart.com
This episode shot by the incredibly talented boss babe, Tiana Dawson - www.tianajanine.com

XX, Priscilla 

A Little About Me

Here is the low down: I am a California transplant with some deep Texas roots. I came out to Los Angeles in 2016 immediately after I graduated from college with a degree in Converged Broadcast Media. I was chasing after that California dream to work in entertainment news! It is crazy to think that I now really do work in entertainment news and cover all things from Brad Pitt to the Bachelor on a daily basis. However, you won't find any of that juicy stuff here on my site. Here is where I love to share my other passions in life (boss babes, fashion, traveling, beauty...) and give you guys some advice I have learned along the way! I originally started my blog in college as a way to share my life experiences/interest with my friends and family. Since then, I have changed things up a bit and evolved my platform as a way to motivate and inspire people from all around the world. My site is a space where anyone can come to check out what is going on in my life and connect with all of YOU! If you are a twenty something millennial (like me), I know you know the struggle of trying to figure everything out while having a life too (AMEN!). I am here to tell you that while it is not easy, but can be done! Click for more...


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