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The Story of How I Met Colton

My boyfriend, best friend, secret keeper, wine pourer, travel buddy, comfort zone, grill master & my rock. Colton is someone who has been by my side through some of the absolute best and worst times of my life. He is everything I could ever hope for in a partner and to think it all started with me saying “I’m gonna marry that man some day”. 

Our “Love” story:
It all started on the first day of our college orientation freshman year of college. We both were in the same orientation group, which were small with only about 20-25 people per group. I remember seeing him and immediately knowing that I had to meet him. We all know I am a person that is not shy to do something like this. I walked straight up to him and murmured something about his tattoo just to get the conversation started. Let’s just say that was a good start. From there we were inseparable for the remainder of orientation. I even told my girlfriend, “I am going to marry that man” and met his MOM!!

Now we didn’t immediately start dating but did stay friends for the first year of school. I think this was such a blessing and what we needed to build a strong relationship. The summer after our freshman year he invited me to go to visit his hometown with him for the weekend. He is from a very small east Texas town and I am from the city so I was eager to see how he grew up (plus a summer weekend hanging out with a cute boy is a plus)!! The first night he gave me the grand 15 minute tour of his town, his mom cooked us a good ol’ southern dinner and Colton made a beautiful bonfire outside (part of his master plan)accompanied with a full bottle of Malibu rum....(cheers to that)

That night we kissed and the rest is history. Almost five years later we live in sunny California with our two dogs and more in love everyday. I gotta say that I really feel like I hit the jackpot with him! 

So here is to a day full of love and reminding those around you how much they mean to you



You Are NOT Perfect And Neither Am I

Hey guys! Welcome to me almost every day after work - chilling in my living room, shoes off, covered in dog hair, glasses on, glass full with cheap wine and potentially a little chocolate treat that I have left over from the last holiday. It is not some big party, chatting with a celeb or walking on the beach like my "perfect" Instagram life might show you and I am actually really okay with that!

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you are not perfect and that is okay. None of us are perfect and never will be. Don't worry this is a good thing. That is what makes us...us. If this comes as a surprise to you, you should actually feel some relief. Believe me, I had to learn this too. I am one of those people that is a self described perfectionist that has never been perfect at anything in my entire life. I have always felt I was good at a lot of things but never great or perfect at anything! That is why I have always had the mindset that if I am not doing something at 110% percent I should not be doing it at all because it simply will not be good enough.This often leaves me feeling super overwhelmed and super unworthy of a lot of things that come my way. Have you ever felt the same way? Well, I have recently been reading some really great self help books, as I have mentioned before, and come to the realization (your gonna like this) that we are not alone. *insert applause here*

I think that in the society that we live in today it is so easy to get sucked into feeling the need to be “perfect”. It is no surprise that we feel this way either because we are constantly comparing ourselves to the Instagram perfect lifestyle someone we have never met is living. In reality they are doing the same thing and it is a never ending cycle that is almost impossible to break. This is the reality of the world we live in today, but doesn’t have to be the way you live!

Let me be the first one to tell you it is all going to be okay if you are not perfect. Life will go on. The only thing that you can do is be the best you. Know that even if you mess up, it is okay - life will in fact go on! Everyday that you wake up is a gift for you to live a life of purpose and happiness for yourself. Be the person that you want to be and never let anyone tell you that you have to be otherwise. Stay true to yourself and never try to be someone else idea of perfect.

Can I get an amen?! Now go pour yourself a glass of wine...you deserve it:)

XX, Priscilla

A Little About Me

Hi there, my name is Priscilla Paige Presley, thanks for stopping by! Here is the low down: I am a California transplant with some deep Texas roots. I came out to Los Angeles (a little over a year ago now) immediately after I graduated from college with a degree in Converged Broadcast Media, to follow my passion to work in entertainment news! I now really do work in entertainment news and cover all things from Brad Pitt to the Bachelor on a daily basis. With that being said...you won't find any of that juicy stuff here on my site. I love to share my other passions in life: ie. fashion, traveling, home decor, beauty and well...my random thoughts(: I originally started my blog in college as a way to connect with my friends and family while sharing my life experiences/interest throughout college. Since then, we have changed things up a bit (and by "we" I mean "I"). "I" (lol) have evolved my platform as a way to connect and share my ideas, work, and passions with people all around the world. SO, If you are a twenty something millennial like me... I know you know the struggle of trying to figure everything out while having a life too (AMEN!). I am here to tell you [yes] it is not easy but can be FUN! Click for more...


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