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My Current Lip Obsessions

I feel like the secret to completing any makeup look is finishing it off with the right product on your lips. You know...the ones that make you wanna lay a big one on your honey to mark your territory! I also think that having a variety of these quality products in your bag is just as important. Let me share with you why these goodies made the top of my list and why they should be on yours too!(:

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss: 
This has been my go-to lip gloss for about three years now. I first got this in a birthday box from Ulta and have not been able to put it down ever since! The cost is only about 18 bucks and will seriously last you forever! It has a natural lip plumping formula in it that leaves your lips looking full and feeling magical instantly. I would like to warn you though this one is sticky, so you better watch out!

Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner:
I recently received this little baby from my friends at Influenster and instantly fell in love! I have never really been a lip liner kind of gal, but I had been on the search for a good one that I would be able to easily transition into without breaking the bank. I really think that this was the answer. They sent over the Lolita shade and I don't think I will be switching to another one anytime soon...It was meant to be!! It lasts all day without leaving my lips dry and blends perfectly with my other favorite products already in my routine. BONUSEverlasting Lip Liner is completely free of animal-derived ingredients, YAY!

Kiehl's Butterstick Lip Treatment Duo:
Okay, so you may be catching on that I am mildly obsessed with all things Kiehl's...Ooops(: Well let's add one more thing onto this list shall we? I can not get enough of their new Butterstick Lip Treatment Duo! These little sticks pack a powerful punch by not only keeping your lips protected with SPF 25, but by also including amazing ingredients like Lemon Butter and Coconut Oil. 
BONUS: 100% of Kiehl's net profits up to $25,000 from the sale of this set will benefit Bright Pink for breast health education programs.

Shop these goodies now and make your lips kissable for summer!

Xo, Priss

How to Master Floral Prints This Spring

Floral prints are EVERYWHERE this Spring and it is no mistake. From head to toe this trend is taking over and with that comes great responsibility. Does that worry you? Well it shouldn't, because you came to the right place. I have a few easy ways that you can tackle this trend flawlessly and start blending in with the stars in no time. It is time to make it your own and make this trend as innocent or sexy as you wish...

I think that one of the best things about this trend is that there are SO MANY different ways to make it your own. Weather you are running errands or have a night out on the town, you shouldn't be afraid to reach for this print in your closet. Personally, I really love to go for my white floral shift dress in the day time and sass things up with a bold jumper at night. Check out some of these adorable looks below that are absolutely affordable and easy to transition from day to night.

This is one of my favorite ways to explore the floral trend. This season it is especially easy to find so many shoes that are covered in the print/design. I like to pair a busy shoe print like this with a solid colored swing dress. One thing to note is that you must be careful to not overdo the rest of your look if you really want to pull this off.


Okay, so last but not least I leave you with one of the easiest ways to master this trend...ACCESSORIZE! This is the perfect way to ease into this trend. Check out some of these affordable accessories I found below that will get you on trend in no time!

Alright beauties, now it is time to tackle this trend and make it your....well you know(;

XO, Priss

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